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    Engineering blasting

      Sichuan elegance industrial group blasting engineering co., LTD. Is a sichuan elegance industrial group co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary, the company has a commercial buildng, blasting and demolition blasting operation unit specialized contracting grade, t project specialized contracting qualification. In 13 provinces and cities, China has subsidiaries and project department. Integration, business areas cover the field mixed loading blasting mining services, urban overall demolition, large service and the conditions of water resources and hydropower construction blasting excavation, etc, is engineering service projects in sichuan province one of the complete integration of civil service. Is blasting in sichuan province association executive vice President of units, the association of Chinese engineering blasting.
      Company's existing various senior professional and technical personnel more than 60 people, is a blasting technology research institute research units designated culgar group. The company has sophisticated large open-air mine drilling equipment, large excavators, transportation equipment, on-site mixed loading vehicle charging equipment and various types of testing and measuring equipment. Can ensure that according to the nature of all kinds of projects in construction, low cost, high efficiency can ensure that the owner resource utilization or high acquisition rate.
      Company engaged in large and medium-sized hydropower project construction, mining, the application of on-site mixed loading, has completed the xiangjiaba hydropower station underground factory building excavation engineering, the waterfall ditch power station bottom clean engineering, DaGang mountain, yan son river reservoir, lugu high-speed in neijiang-kunming railway, elegant, guangyuan qingchuan Wan Xin square ruins and so on many large engineering construction; Successively with dragon python group, sichuan, xinjiang group, east hope group, sichuan power group, panzhihua yu mining, panzhihua mining company, southwest of China building material group set cement company, China railway group two, seven innings, national grid, sichuan branch, sichuan road and bridge corporation, such as partnerships, made remarkable achievements.