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    千赢国际注册-千亿国际电脑版-千赢国际qy88 company

      Elegance group panzhihua hengtai chemical co., LTD. Is from elegance group and panzhihua hengwei chemical co., LTD. Is a joint venture registered a civil products production enterprises, professional explosive materials is a national fixed-point production enterprise. Company predecessor panzhihua hengwei chemical co., LTD was founded in 1979, formerly known as panzhihua 424 factory.
      The company is located in west panzhihua. Gerry ping town, is apart from the transtition into elder brother (is) (Ming) line 40 kilometers, is apart from the gold (river), 3.8 km (ping) station, distance to 312 national road NingHua road, ping road 3.7 kilometers, the transportation is very convenient.
      Company's existing professional and technical personnel more than 80 people, fixed assets of 17.08 million yuan, the factory covers an area of 356600 square meters. Company built in 2010 at the end of April emulsion explosive a completely continuous automatic production lines, production technology for the ministry of industry and information technology of the three periods of technical development goals, the production line is equipped with perfect video television monitoring and automatic safety device, full system controlled by computer, realizes the continuous high WenMinHua, loading, packing, reduce the online save medicine, improved the intrinsically safe.
      Product industrial emulsion explosive blasting engineering all over sichuan province and neighbouring key project, it is widely used in national, provincial, municipal key water control projects, the underground mining blasting, mining, underwater operation, municipal construction, material synthesis, and other fields, the company strictly in accordance with the national standards for production, quality detection means perfect, reliable and accurate measurement in producing the elegance of brand industrial explosives, product specification is complete, the performance is good.

      General manager: dong-ping huang
      Address: west panzhihua of sichuan province in plateau
      Tel: (0812) 5996716