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    Ya 'an factory

      Yoann factory main products are: no. 2 rock emulsion explosive and emulsion explosive power, high water resistance of explosive, secondary and tertiary coal mine permissible emulsion explosive and powdery emulsion explosive, on-site mixed explosive; The company through the "quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification, and won the award for the quality of sichuan province" AAA "credit enterprise. Point at the edge of the salt production, huili has two ground stations, can provide on-site mixed explosive for large and medium-sized mines owners and integrated service of distribution, loading and blasting operations.
      Yoann factory production of "elegance" has seven consecutive sessions of explosives was rated "brand-name products in sichuan province", "elegance" brand won the national title of well-known trademark, the trademark. Providing products and services, the quality of products get the praise of the key projects, and get the customers, get more home using units awarded "excellent supply enterprise" title.
      Ya 'an factory product sales range mainly includes yoann, ganzi, liangshan, sichuan province, meishan and other regions and Tibet, guizhou, guangxi and other provinces and autonomous regions. Group production point set production, management, blasting, consulting, and many other resources, can provide customers with consulting, production, distribution, blasting integration services

      General manager: Dong Bin
      Address: sichuan yaan rain bifengxia city road no. 911
      Tel: (0835) 2872166