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    Wang pale company

      Elegance group flourishing pale chemical co., LTD. Is a elegance group purchase original wangcang chemical co., LTD., wholly owned subsidiary of establishment, an area of more than 17 m ㎡, the existing engineering and technical personnel 60 people, the total assets of more than 100 million yuan, with the sunan in guangyuan city engineering blasting service co., LTD., sunan engineering blasting in guangyuan city service co., LTD., company, wide and civil explosives in guangyuan city co., LTD. (zhao cm and a capacity of 16000 tons of colloidal emulsion explosive production line (including the emulsion matrix and related field mixed loading truck). Company is mainly engaged in emulsion explosive production, sales and integration of blasting, technical advisory services, the evaluation of blasting scheme, blasting engineering supervision, the mixed loading emulsion matrix.
      Company is located in sichuan, shanxi and gansu provinces border wangcang county in guangyuan city, sichuan province, is apart from the wangcang city 2.5 km, from wide baocheng railway branch lines (RMB) - ROM line (dam) popular pale station 5 km, wide (yuan) the () in the highway from the company through on the back of office space, transportation is very convenient, unique geographical position.
      Company existing emulsion explosive guangyuan, bilateral, waste products are mainly sold to sichuan province, mianyang and aba, nanchong and shaanxi, gansu, qinghai, Inner Mongolia, chongqing, guizhou and other places, are widely used in national, provincial and municipal key projects and water conservancy hub, the underground mining blasting, mining, urban construction and other fields. At the same time to undertake all the engineering blasting, blasting engineering blasting design and consulting services, to provide large mining field mixed business, to provide users with convenient high quality service.


      General manager: Li Wenqian
      Address: sichuan wangcang county east river town stone village
      Tel: (0839) 4210414