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    Three company

      Elegance group three chemical co., LTD. Is located in mianyang city, sichuan province santai liu camp town, four elegance group in January 2005, is a wholly-owned acquisition of the original three giant can chemical co., LTD., sichuan province formed after the joint-stock enterprises, is a national fixed-point civilian blasting equipment manufacturing enterprises and industrial explosive industry in sichuan province backbone enterprises.
      The company covers an area of about 100000 square meters, registered capital of 41 million yuan. The company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 40 people. Company production of plastic packaging film emulsion explosive, the production line adopts the di Bertrand charging machine, the king ordered MGEPL -r robot intelligent automatic packing line, production equipment and process technology have reached the domestic leading level, annual production capacity of 12000 tons (including 2000 tons of emulsion matrix), at the same time have a BCJ - type 3 mixed explosive charging car. In mianyang, product king pin, suining, nanchong, aba, chongqing, guizhou, yunnan and other places. Company's products in highway reconstruction in sichuan and shanxi, nine yellow airport, wu all water diversion project, JTG power plant construction is widely used in national, provincial key project, favored by users.
      General manager: tany
      Address: sichuan santai liu camp town of peace
      Tel: (0816) 5621060