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    Kodak company

      Elegance group, kodak chemical co., LTD., formerly baotou mining bureau of Inner Mongolia chemical plant, was founded in 1958. In March 2011 and elegance group integrated into elegance in Inner Mongolia, kodak chemical co., LTD. Enterprises located in the Inner Mongolia baotou area turn Dan cat rabbit tower, covers an area of 180000 square meters. The registered capital of 50 million yuan. The existing various types of professional and technical personnel 44 people.
      Company approved production capacity of 38000 tons/year, in addition to the company headquarters turn stone production point, has information in baotou city sheng industrial explosive company and venture of blasting, Iraqi flag branch offices in ordos city. Company production and operation scope of powdery emulsion explosive, colloidal emulsion explosive and porous granular anfo explosive mixed service. At the same time also provides general cargo, dangerous goods transport services. Product sales network throughout the municipality each big city, sold to yulin in shaanxi and ningxia.
      Kodak company adhering to the "our quality is the user's security" the quality idea, relying on science and technology for development, continue to meet customer demand, with first-class product quality and the exquisite technical service won the praise of the broad masses of users has been.

      General manager: scottweil k
      Address: Inner Mongolia baotou turn Dan cat rabbit mining area
      Tel: (0472) 8722509