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    千赢国际注册-千亿国际电脑版-千赢国际qy88 company

      Sichuan kaida chemical co., LTD. In August 2012 and elegance group implement equity restructuring, become elegance group subsidiary. The company registered capital of 50 million yuan, is located in while luzhou, sichuan province, covers an area of 350000 square meters. The existing staff of nearly 400 people.
      千赢国际注册-千亿国际电脑版-千赢国际qy88 company existing koyo branch and luzhou hengjiang branch two production. Has three production lines of explosives, the annual production capacity of 47000 tons. Among them: two emulsified explosive production line, annual production capacity of 33000 tons; A puffed explosive production lines, annual production capacity of 14000 tons.
      千赢国际注册-千亿国际电脑版-千赢国际qy88 company will with the elegance of the group of technology and management advantages, to further enhance the level of technology and equipment, to achieve industrial upgrading and structural adjustment; To further improve the management level, make the management more scientific, standardized; 千赢国际注册-千亿国际电脑版-千赢国际qy88 company will made great contribution to the development of elegance group.

      General manager: fu-gui zhang
      Address: while luzhou, sichuan province longmatan avenue the dragon three sections of 10
      Contact phone: 0830-2507541