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      Red bull company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand is New Zealand's largest civil enterprises. Elegance group in December 2013 formally to buy a 70% stake, the red bull company as its controlling shareholder. Red bull company will expand the market on the basis of New Zealand, also as a bridgehead elegance group develop Australia market.
      Red bull company in New Zealand's north island and south island has a complete emulsified explosive production line, dangerous goods warehouse, the conventional car and other facilities, has a large modern drill team, including various types of drilling machinery, etc.
      Red bull, the company's products include packing emulsion explosive, porous grain of anfo explosives, the mixed loading emulsion explosive, low-density explosives and the ratio of various heavy anfo explosives, etc.
      Red bull company can provide customers with explosive hazardous production, warehousing, transportation, and a full range of integrated services such as drilling and blasting construction.
      Red bull company clients including quarry, mining and engineering construction, etc. There are more than 120 customers in New Zealand, remain stable for many years, about 90% of customers as the integrated service mode.
      Elegance group overseas business address: chengdu high-tech zone tianfu international navigation hing street no. 1 building 21 f
      Tel: 028-85325262
      The company's web site: http://www.redbullpowder.co.nz/