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          Elegance of Explosive Materials Explosive involved in the development, manufacturing and engineering blasting three businesses. Research and development, with Chinese civil explosive industry's only "National Enterprise Technology Center", supporting built "national accredited laboratories," "Postdoctoral Innovation Base", self-developed base detonator automatic filling production lines, electronic detonators, high emulsifying power explosives, DDNP wastewater treatment systems, more than 20 leading technology level; manufacturing, with 167,000 tons of industrial explosives, industrial detonator 160 million issued, 10 million meters of industrial detonating cord, industrial Nonel 100 million meters of production capacity, is Chinese civil explosive industry varieties and specifications of the most complete, and New Zealand's largest civil explosive holding companies - Red Bull laid the foundation for the Accor Group overseas development; blasting area, with blasting construction level, the total mine construction contracting, earthwork contractor and other qualifications, can provide customers with blasting technology consulting, design, construction and supervision of blasting the overall solution, as well as the integration site mixed blasting, mining, urban demolition and other services.